Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Released

This month, Microsoft released the much anticipated Creators Update. Included in the new update are:

  • Windows Mixed Reality – using a headset and Windows  PC you can be immersed in touring travel destinations, virtual reality gaming, attending events right from the comfort of your own home
  • New Photos App – you can now add filters, text, 3D effects and soon full 3D objects. Also included is the ability to digitally link your photos and videos for storytelling with themes and soundtracks
  • My People – you can now pin your favorite people to your task bar allowing you to contact them quickly using Skype or Mail
  • Cortana – you can now have Cortana perform Power Commands – Shut down, restart, and sleep mode
  • Ransomware protection – Windows Defender Exploit Guard that helps protect files from unauthorized changes by malicious applications

You can see other features using the link below:

Windows 10 Fall Creator Update