Ransomware Protection


Today’s world of Risk Threat Management has moved to the top of the priority list for most industries.  Creating an effective Risk Vector Analysis and implementing safeguards and auditing is a crucial part of removing, detecting or mitigating risk.  It cannot be understated that many malware risks are now targeted to organizations and ensuring your perimeter is setup to provide adequate protection should be priority #1.


Elements of Protection

Keep the edge of your network protected with business class firewalls and proper control policies.

Realtime monitoring and management agents which offer auditing, logging and reporting of filtered tasks

Ransomware protection through logical network separation, proper ACL deployment and Ransomware Protection features built into RMM

Utilize DNS Proxy Protection to identify and prevent access to known malicious sites, downloads and specified urls

Cloud monitored and Smart Management of Antivirus allows for realtime response to individual detections and helps prevent Malware spreading events

Utilize MFA and VPN technologies to ensure your cloud and infrastructure access is secure from outside intrusion.

Intrusion Vectors

Cloud Services
Network Edge
Web Browsing
Email Links/Attachments
MultiFactor Authentication


RMM w/ Ransomware Protection

Realtime Monitoring and Protection

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Combine the benefits of realtime monitoring of system health with Ransomware detection.  The Ransomware detection feature allows for full network lockdown and isolation when certain metrics have been met.

DNS Proxy URL Protection

SPI filtering and protection

Protection for the End User

Outgoing url requests that are filtered through a CLOUD DNS proxy to help ensure the web access or download is clean and free from malicious fare. Control site access as well through individual policies.

Network Edge Services

Perimeter Control and Protection


Threat detection, traffic monitoring and auditing. Country control and access filters. Single Sign On capability and added malware protection.  Secure Mesh, Wireless Control and Intrusion detection

Understand and utilize effective security services to prevent catastrophic outages or data leaks within your organization.   TANET uses the following services in an effective manner to reduce risk vectors and safeguard technology and data.