Internet Outage Affects Millions

As you may have heard, many people experienced a major internet outage earlier this week, affecting millions of its customers. Many of these customers were concentrated in some of the largest metropolitan markets in the country – Seattle, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, etc.

But what actually caused the outage?

According to a CNN report, the cause was a configuration issue with Level 3, another telecommunications company recently purchased by Century Link. The outage lasted roughly 90 minutes affecting numerous residential and business customers.

So how did that affect other users?

Level 3’s infrastructure provides content for a multitude of other companies, such as Comcast, Verizon, AT&T. We heard reports of numerous issues ranging from complete downtime to intermittent access issues across various businesses.

So how do you avoid issues like this going forward for your business?

TANET recommends having a backup internet line in place and it is best if it from another company. For example, if your primary internet line is through Comcast, get your back up internet from Frontier or another provider. This ensures the maximum redundancy in the event your primary internet line goes down.

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