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Our support's mission revolves around dependable IT solutions that accomplish your goals for productivity in the workplace. Make technology an asset to your organization, not a burden.

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TANET is a leading technology partner for small and medium sized businesses.

TANET provides the highest quality IT solutions to clients in the Pacific NW by leading in responsive support. Focusing on long term solutions and business continuity, TANET continues to utilize the latest technology and techniques to increase your up-time and lower your IT costs.

Bundle your services and save by developing a partnership with a fully certified organization.

Providing IT Managed Services for Small and Medium business.

The Cloud Desktop Experience – Your Business on the Go

More and more businesses are utilizing a cloud desktop where they can remotely login to a cloud hosted server and…

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What is the Internet of Things?

You may have heard the term “Internet of Things” bouncing around in the last couple of years and wondered to…

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Outlook 2016 for Windows – What’s New?

Office 2016 has arrived and Outlook 2016 offers some cool new features that many organizations can take advantage of. Do…

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