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Reliable Protection against Business Disasters

Business disaster can strike at any time. TANET’s managed IT services’ clients rest easy knowing that we are protecting them against all manners of disaster – natural disasters, theft, technological malfunctions, etc. We offer detailed disaster recovery plans for our clients, ensuring a quick and organized plan of attack in the case of a disaster. A detailed disaster recovery and backup plan can save you thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in the event of a disaster. TANET has comprehensive cloud and local backup plans designed to get you up and running and soon as possible while simultaneously protecting your business against business disasters of any nature.


Layers of Protection

Ensure your infrastructure is protected with cloud and local backups. Rest easy knowing that all your important data is recoverable in the case of a disaster.
A step by step disaster recovery plan is vital for your business’ preparation for a disaster situation. This plan ensures you can get your business up and running as soon as possible to mitigate the impact on your clients
TANET’s fully managed IT services includes full infrastructure monitoring for our clients. Proactive infrastructure monitoring allows us to prevent small issues from becoming large disasters.

Disaster Protection

Cloud/Local Backups 100
Disaster Recovery Plan 100
Infrastructure Monitoring 100
Responsive Support Team 100

Business Backup Solutions

Hybrid Solutions
Hybrid Solutions
Hybrid solutions combine the peace of mind of offsite backups with the speedy restore functionality of local backups
Cloud Backups
Cloud Backups
Enterprise level encryption (256bit AES) and security ensure your data is protected with offsite backups. HIPAA Compliant for Peace of Mind
Local Backups
Local Backups
Local backups provide the quickest recovery times as your backups are stored on your network and easily accessible