Office 365, Teams, G Suite Protection in 2020

2020 is here and one of the most common things we have seen left behind is quality protection for your new cloud services being utilized for remote and inter office workers.  Microsoft and Google’s limited Disaster Recovery options do not take into account the needs you might need for organization oversight and compliance.  Below are some of the reasons we believe SaaS is the right move for any organization using the Google or Office 365 platforms.


Backups that occur automatically and ensure your cloud data is always protection, from malicious attacks or accidental incidents.


There is nothing that is not backed up.  From Teams, to Sharepoint or OneDrive.  Anything can be restored, no matter who did it or when.


With SaaS protection, no matter where your cloud services migrate to or from.  Your data is still your data and can be taken anywhere.  You back it up and you maintain ownership this way of your data.


Save money by enabling your account to stop paying for licenses you no longer need.  SaaS protection gives you back control of your licensed accounts.