What is SaaS protection?

Did you know?  Microsoft and Google actually recommend utilizing a 3rd Party backup solution for their cloud hosted services.

Amazingly, 1 in 3 companies report losing data in cloud based applications.  What is the #1 cause of this particular issue?  End-user error.

More and more companies are utilizing Google Workspace and Office 365 for business operations, but their disaster recovery plan is not stacking up.  Backup is just as important in the cloud as on premise.  Depending on the 25 day trash in the cloud is a tough way to find out one of your employees accidentally deleted a file weeks before, only to find out it can never be recovered.   Or have you ever experienced data loss due to inactive licenses?  There are so many ways that the cloud licensing model can cause issues with data retention, that we recommend protecting your cloud data the same way that you protected your on-premise data.  Do not be a statistic!  Protect yourself from corruption, deletion, ransomware and accidental issues.

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