Workplace Transformation

As we approach the final quarter of 2021,  may organizations are turning to a permanent flexible workplace for their operations.   There are a few questions related to IT Services that help you decide whether this makes sense for your service and industry.  The truth is that for many organizations there is a way, and it often leads to cost savings and workplace flexibility that you never thought were available to you.  Below are some FAQs related to IT Services that we see regularly.

  1.  We receive a high volume of calls, what do I do about my phone system?  Yes, we can migrate you to a Cloud Based VoIP system that even allows you to make and receive phone calls from any digital device.
  2. My team collaborates often on different projects and documents. How do I replicate this?  MS Teams, Google Meet or Zoom are all video conference options that allow your team to communicate and work together in the same way they did before.  Utilize cloud based document management to work on the same document in realtime.
  3. Are there any benefits to moving to a remote based workplace? Yes!
    1. Uptime redundancy.  With multiple users working from home, you no longer have a single point of failure for phones or internet.
    2. Office Space Lease savings.  Less users = less requirements for a large office space.
    3. Flexible work options for employees = greater job satisfaction. The ability for an employee to work from anywhere provides great potential for increased productivity.
  4. We have applications that need to be run, how do we keep these available and the data safe with remote employees?  File protection solutions for the client or the implementation of a Cloud Based Desktop environment will keep your control over critical data safe.

We know that remote workplaces are not a perfect fit for every industry vertical, but if makes sense for your organization, we do know how to get you there. TANET has transitioned many organizations to a remote workplace through the solutions above including others.