IT Security Baseline

Are you a decision maker or involved in the execution and management of your organizations technology?

The IT Services and Cybersecurity sectors have been inundated with services over the last couple years, yet it is also important to pay attention to good practices and baselines.   There are many things your organization can do internally or with your IT Service organization to create effective barriers for malicious intrusion.  Here is a list of practices we always recommend for every organization.

  1.  Principle of Least Privilege – Does your staff have unneeded access to data or administrative rights?
  2.  Network Segmentation – Have you separated communication between critical infrastructure or departments?
  3.  Offsite Backups – When was the last time you audited your backups?  tested and verified integrity?
  4.  Active Monitoring – What tasks do you or your IT Service Company have in place to audit the above?


A secure and best practice secure baseline is the most important piece of hardening your infrastructure.  Make sure you are giving these the correct oversight to safeguard your organization in today’s world.