The New Wave of Business – Remote Applications

  • Remote Desktop

For years, companies looking to have a centralized environment for the employees have utilized a terminal server environment to standardize their application experience. Now, there is an alternative to purchasing an expensive server dedicated to a terminal environment – Remote Applications.

Remote Applications consist of a cloud environment hosting remote applications that can be accessed from anywhere, even mobile devices. Your employees can use a remote link to access applications such as Acrobat, Excel or Word on their own environment rather than remoting into a terminal server. These RemoteApp programs perform more like locally based applications, speeding up the entire application experience. Remote applications also allow for multiple versions of a program to be installed on the same server without the conflicts that commonly occur when deploying two versions in the same environment. As in, Office 2010 and Office 2013 can be installed onto the same RemoteApp server and users can access whichever application version they need.

TANET has ready to go cloud environments that can be configured to host applications for your business. Contact us so we can design a custom environment specifically tailored to your needs.