Outlook 2016 for Windows

  • Office 2016

Office 2016 has arrived and Outlook 2016 offers some cool new features that many organizations can take advantage of. Do you have an Office 365 account? You may already have access to Office 2016 and can download it today. We have outlined some of the new features below.

Outlook 2016 Groups – You can now create groups within your folders that creates a single folder for topics and conversations.  This allows interaction with your team straight from the box with full history.  This tool is great for organization and collaboration on projects.

Clutter – Clutter is a new feature that helps organize your inbox by analyzing the priority of your messages.   By moving messages to your Clutter folder, this will help teach the clutter feature to prioritize your messages in the future more accurately.

Tell Me – This is a function access tool that helps provide quick search access to Outlook features.   By typing into the tell me box you will get live results for corresponding features in Outlook.  It will also keep a recent record of used features to keep even quicker access to your fingertips.