Why is your WiFi so Unstable?

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A common complaint we receive from prospective clients is – Why is my office WiFi so unstable?

WiFi has changed the way we network. No longer are we glued to a cable running from a wall port in order to access the internet. WiFi has increased the availability and convenience of connecting to devices while mobile.

However, with that convenience came a whole new set of issues. Local environmental factors contribute to WiFi issues – walls, your distance from the router, other wireless devices interference, orientation of the antennae are just some of the issues that can cause issues with your wireless network.

Even the type of device you purchase affects your wireless stability. There is a big difference in between a personal use router you purchase from your local electronics store and an enterprise level access point.

If your business is fed up with rebooting your router constantly, weak signal throughout your office. Schedule a complementary onsite consultation with our TANET specialists to receive a wireless audit so we can resolve your WiFi issues