What did we learn in 2019?

  • IT Services in Seattle

1.  Security Focused. 

With Ransomware hitting new highs and targeting local municipalities and cities around the globe, there is no question that being prepared for a potential attack should be of the upmost importance to your organization. Do you have a tested and viable Disaster Recovery plan?  What are your internal controls for security?  Do you utilize a flat network or are you able to logically separate your departments on a network level?  What are the risks to your overall network if one workstation gets infected?  Many attacks today are targeted on specific organizations.  This brings a new level of scrutiny on your security and support practices to your network.

Ask the right questions today, remove your threat risk tomorrow.

2.    Cloud Infrastructure = Cost Savings?

In the Seattle and Portland Metro areas, we have been seeing a vast reduction in Fiber to Premise ISP solutions for small to medium businesses.  This  along with more competitive Cloud Infrastructure offerings has created a real environment where offloading your infrastructure to the Cloud could now be a cost savings benefit along with reduced management, greater security, lower migration costs and unlimited flexibility.   We are seeing incredible value and security benefits by continuing to migrate off the workstation –> on prem server platform to a hybrid of services that include managed cloud services and Cloud Based Infrastructure.   Be sure to investigate the options before you upgrade in 2020.