Business Benefits of using Cloud Desktop

A lot of business owners want to take advantage of the flexibility that cloud services provide, but don’t know where to start.

A cloud desktop can be a great way to migrate your business desktop experience to an always available environment tailored to your specific needs. As internet speeds increase, it becomes more and more efficient to take advantage of the numerous benefits provided by a cloud desktop. Your business data is centralized rather than being stored on multiple workstations or servers. This improves worker collaboration and reduces the time necessary to find your documents.

Cloud desktops allow you to access your business desktop environment anywhere – at home, on vacation, or from your hotel. You only need an internet connection to connect directly to work.

Cloud desktops also save money as you no longer need to pay upkeep for a locally hosted server. Your business no longer needs to concern themselves with costly upgrades every few years as the software and hardware is provided by the cloud desktop provider. You also no longer need to purchase expensive workstations with costly specifications necessary to run your business software.

Cloud desktops provided by TANET are also secure. Utilizing the latest in encryption techniques – you can rest assured your data is secure and backed up.

TANET provides custom tailored cloud desktop solutions to our clients – large and small – in the Seattle and Puget Sound area. We would love to talk with you and prepare a solution that meets your business budget and requirements.

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