IT Managed Services – Whats in it for you?

IT Managed Service Companies are making more sense than ever in the small business world.  Even for organizations as small as 1 or 2 members.   The knowledge of leveraging Cloud Services to offset onsite resources,  charitable services for non-profits or even alternative services beyond “The Big Three (Google, MS, Amazon)”  are a great way to find ways to save on resources.  We have found many times as an MSP where we on-board a new client and they are paying for services they don’t need, or are overpaying for unused services.  Often these are even situations where the savings offset the cost of providing maintenance on your infrastructure.

IT Managed Service Organizations should also use a proactive approach to your systems which helps you plan for the future, eliminate potential downtime and create a more seamless operations schedule.  Keeping a foothold on emerging technology and opportunities is a great way to keep your business ahead, and MSPs are an integral part of this.