Can Your Business Survive a Disaster?

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Let’s face it, disasters happen. It is imperative that businesses have a comprehensive Disaster Recovery (DR) plan in place to ensure adequate protection and a clear plan of attack in the case of a disaster. A detailed DR plan can save you thousands in downtime or help prevent a complete business closure.

A Disaster Recovery plan is a step-by-step plan for restoring your systems and accessing your data in the event of a disaster, be it a natural disaster, technological malfunctions, or human actions. The core function of a DR plan is to ensure that whatever happens, your vital data is protected and recoverable while simultaneously your critical programs and applications can be brought online as soon as possible.

Why exactly does your business need a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan?

It is vital that, even in the case of emergency, your business is able to provide for your clients. One of the largest expenses a business can have is downtime. If your systems are down, you are paying your employees but not bringing in revenue. Loss of productivity can mean lost orders, increased labor costs as employees work later to make up for lost time, missed deliveries, etc. A DR plan minimizes these costs for your business.

How do you actually implement a DR plan?

TANET provides comprehensive Disaster Recovery plans for many of our clients. Often companies know they need protection but don’t know where to start; that’s where TANET’s professionals come in. Contact Us to get started on Disaster Recovery plan so you can rest assured you are protected in the event of a disaster.