Cyber Resilience, do you have it?

  • Cyber Security Seattle Post

The past 18 months have seen an enormous shift in threat management to small businesses nationwide.   From Ransomware becoming more targeted and moving to an exfiltration approach, we are ever seeing the need to move from cybersecurity recovery to cybersecurity resilience.  What does that mean?  Shifting our approach from being prepared if we do face a catastrophic intrusion, to being proactive on every risk vector to prevent the risk and mitigate potential possibilities of access on every front. This is cyber resilience.   We have begun implementing Ransomware protection agents across our partners and utilizing extensive network edge protections to counter the widespread damage that an intrusion or Ransomware infection can have.

Does your organization have a MFA policy?  Do you have a list of all possible threat vectors to your data and services?  Have you ever conducted an outage analysis to know what the cost would be if you were down for potential days at a time?

Its time, Cyber Resilience is a must for all small businesses moving forward.