Choosing the right Website Platform Part 1: WordPress

This week in our series we’re going to take a look at WordPress. It is one of the most well known website platforms today, with nearly 8% of all websites on the internet utilizing it to power them. For good reason too, the platform is simple and easy to use right out of the box, yet also highly customizable. It can be used to power virtually any kind of website imaginable with the right combination of plugins. The websites and plugins are easy to maintain and update as needed.

WordPress is also highly regarded for it’s mobile responsiveness. All WordPress website are created and designed to be responsive, so your website will look great on any size screen or device. More than 50% of all internet traffic comes from a mobile device, and that number is growing larger each year. Mobile responsiveness is also important for SEO rankings, with Google ranking websites with greater mobile presences better rankings on their search engines.

There are many other benefits to using WordPress to power your website and it doesn’t cost anything to get started. On the WordPress Marketplace there are 100s of free themes and plugins available for anyone to use.