By outsourcing your IT, you can translate many of your fixed IT costs into variable costs which allow you to budget more effectively.  Bottom line, only pay for what you use when you need it.
Hiring and Training your IT Employees can be very expensive, and temp employees often do not live up to your needs.  Outsourcing keeps your focus on human resources where you need them most.
Top IT Managed Service companies manage a vast array of networks and often see related problems multiple times.  Internal IT Staff have a secluded existence without the benefit of the experience that comes with exposure to diverse problems and infrastructures.
By doing all IT functions in house, you incur higher research, development and implementation costs.   Remember, IT Managed Service companies will typically have solutions ready that are built on a successful history of implementation.
Management and owners have limited resources, Outsourcing helps ensure you stay focused on what you do best, your business.
Each industry often operates within certain technical regulations and guidelines.  Outsourcing your IT means you automatically gain the expertise and knowledge they have from other organizations operating under similar guidelines.
Many small businesses just cannot afford to match the internal support that larger companies maintain.  Outsourcing helps small businesses gain an edge by giving access and expertise to technologies that only larger companies typically employ.
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Do you audit your infrastructure for security issues or other risks?  When was the last time you updated your firewall firmware?  Maintaining compliance within your industry requirements is often a herculean task for many companies.  Outsourcing helps you offload these requirements and responsibilities to individual teams who deal with these items on a daily basis.  Gain peace of mind.